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How to stay Interested with what you do? I hope the answer to this, would only be "Interest" in what you do. Interest is a word...

How to stay Interested with what you do? I hope the answer to this, would only be "Interest" in what you do. Interest is a word favored by LIKEness.

How do you get Interested? / How do you stay interested in something?

      One can give many reasons of becoming bored with something they do. Let us assume an activity like video gaming or gym-ing. You often get bored with these, for example once you are done with a game.. you will never again like to play the game with that interest you had for the first time.  When you come to gym-ing you get bored when you had to workout alone or when you strain yourself at gym, then you are off for the gym and that continues until you stop going to gym. 

It's hard to find something that you are really interested in. Many things look very interesting to the eye or to heart but as you get over the initial excitement you'll find that beneath the surface of your likeness there is only little that interests you. Predicting this feeling before you take into hands is hard and sometimes you may get disappointed for your actions.

Finding something that you are really interested in is hard but choosing something where you will hang on without getting bored are easy. I found photography and blog-writing as things where I can hang on as I always find something interesting to write or to take picture. This is what I choose as my activity at free time, but my real interest lies in becoming a Developer and Im still working on it to achieve my interest. Before I came to these activities I've tried many other but fortunately Im stuck with these wonderful things which stick to my mind all the time. These things had always something interesting for me and made me fall in love with them. This is what I do.

So I would suggest trying lot of new things before you find something that really sticks with you. There are activities that you can fall in love with them but this is only possible until you try out and see whether you might be interested in or give up when you find it bored.

Again a question..
Can you convince your mind to be interested in something? 

I hope there are only few different ways a person can use to change their thinking pattern or their views on a particular topic, if one chooses to work at it consistently. Outlining the different ways of thinking helps in determining what exactly the reason is cause of any "Disinterest". Cause of this may be lack of interest  understanding or interest on the subject or lack of empathy?

    Are you too busy to spend few minutes on thinking or to take interest in this just now! Does any other thing bother you or prevent you from taking interest at this time? Does worry about your loved one or illness  put you under stress and cause not being able to think?

       If you are in these situations I suggest you to first think a bit to determine your answer to the above questions. You'll be able to decide how to take up the situation.   

Here are few things that will solve these kind of issues:

One way to become and stay interested in a topic is to get an idea through learning about it. Few minutes of research or even just rudimentary understanding of the topic will make it more interesting and will cause inquisitiveness  in us to learn even more. If the topic is something you would ignore then try a bit of self discovery technique and see if it would create interest in you to stick with it.

Other way is to firmly decide why you need/want to be interested. This way acts as a kind of motivator in your mind. If you need to become a DEVELOPER and to succeed, first thing is to understand the terminology, concepts and features even if you don't take up the tutorials. This approach towards becoming a developer would make you conversant and speak out using the technical terminology or may attend the interview confidently. ( if you aren't a developer , replace it with your respective interests) But if it is something other than career , for example an issue where you and  your partner / friends / family are involved then your approach would be different as you motivation.

It is good to challenge yourself or set a self reward for achievement. Give yourself a limited time frame to find out more on topic you set for yourself. If you were able to do then reward yourself with a PIZZA or something of your taste. Sometimes the way of thinking about an issue / situation or a topic has a huge influence on your attitude so as on your actions and interest levels.

Negativity- If you tell yourself that you cant stand for a Person/Thing/Issue/Topic/Situation then before long you  will hate p/t/i/t/s and everything related to it, as you will loose interest at first.

Positivity- Other way if you tell yourself that p/t/i/t/s is a good one to be with or to approach/take-up , then you'll find yourself more interested and nicer towards that.

Self-talk / retrospective self justification can create sea of  change in the attitude towards other. Try telling yourself for at least 3-5 times a day that this P/T/I/T/S is interesting and worth your time and energy to learn more and understand it.

Loosing interest

However lack of interest is due to other issues which occupy our brain totally. Reasons might be lack of empathy towards another person/t/i/t/s which simply makes it very difficult to care about the issues. For suppose if you have too many things on your priority list.( if in a relation , if you have your own priorities to consider and your most considerate persons aren't even considered) . Then you have to totally take a different approach as you will realize that this is not going to happen right now.  Give yourself a break and tell whoever is involved that you cannot work on it right now as you cannot concentrate. Sometimes an action of a permission to be selfish should be taken. No new things should be considered. 


  • Possibility of convincing ourselves about anything,
  • Study,
  • Self-talk,
  • Priority setting,
  • Taking out time for something particular,

will help to stay interested and help to change opinion about certain thing. Retrospect yourself and see how you believed about something.

LOGIC- Possibility of  change, of what you believed is Right vs Wrong / Important or Not important , then technique of convincing to stay interested is for sure. 

In place of a choice-less situation you have to do and considering the situation itself as a motivation will help to get through it. 

** Motivation of this post is my own situation and my attitude towards it. Of-course I ran for the solution all over, speaking with people, reading books, internet browsing etc.. and finally I here wrote down the solution to "STAY INTERESTED and to STAY FOCUSED".

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