Facebook Paper - iOS App on iPhone 4, pretty awesome

#Facebook  #Apple   #iOS After Facebook's announcement of releasing the new Facebook App for iOS called " Paper " I was v...

#Facebook  #Apple   #iOS

After Facebook's announcement of releasing the new Facebook App for iOS called " Paper " I was very excited to use that app on my iPhone 4 and in India. Facebook has put limitations on app's availability, this app is available for download only from " US App Store ".

Below are the screenshots of the new " Facebook Paper " app.  You can watch video and download the app from here .

The first screen's of Facebook Paper app

Add your paper's based on your interest 

These features in the app pulls the content from the stories or status messages your friends share on their timeline or with their friends. The content is condensed in a beautiful way to form an interface which resembles a newspaper with flip and scrolling effects, this makes the viewing & reading the information very easy. 

This app pulls photos from source links to present a highly visual reading experience, with channels arranged by topics like "News", "Technology" and many other news streams. Tilt your phone to see the outer edges of a horizontal photo or panoramic images; click "Like" on a post and hear a sound like a jack-in-the-box popping.

Requests, Messages & Notifications from your friends

The Paper app starts with your friends. After setup, the first screen you see consists of posts and links shared by friends—the same that you see on the Facebook news feed. There's a stream of text & image content as cards for each shared item on the bottom half of the screen and a rolling series of photogenic previews at the top. You can also perform the regular activities like checking the requests, messages and notifications within the app. 

Wonderful Paper interface for different streams of news articles

Settings and home screen of the app

Activating the settings on this new app might mess up the traditional Facebook app as of now. So I've left it sandboxed mode. This app might still have bugs which I haven't figured them yet and it may be a reason of launching only in US app store. 

Thanks to my friends who are part if this new Facebook Paper App on my iPhone, they made this post beautiful.

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