Content is King but Distribution is Queen, but WHY ?

Many authors to the same topic  "Content is King but Distribution is Queen" , but why ? Why is this phrase  Stressed  a lot ? ...

Many authors to the same topic "Content is King but Distribution is Queen", but why ? Why is this phrase Stressed a lot ?

"Content is King"  - This Phrase was used by Bill Gates during his speech in 1996.  It was forecasted that good content plays a major role in reaching people more easily over the networks / internet media to help in brand building, gain popularity, brand marketing,  PR and more. It was the time when social media networks where not available, yet content played a big role. Content was created, used, replicated as per the requirements. People used to get paid for content creation which was used for conventional marketing and on traditional media sources.  

As the days changed and Traditional media was overcomed by Digital media the content creation was not just useful, all that mattered was, how well it is distributed. Social media platforms grew day by day, managing the content and distribution of it showed typical results.  The huge rise in number of social media channels, decreasing people's attention and the bombardment of messages through push notifications to get the users attention is not just enough.  It is vitally important to make up a strategy to understand your audience and provide relevant good content, utilizable, entertaining. One should ensure to provide quality content and which is authentic. 

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Forums, Communities and many other ways have enabled content distribution at a massive scale than earlier. Users who just have Facebook / Twitter  accounts could help a lot in content distribution causing a great impact for the content provider. When people have their online identity over the social media networks, content distribution becomes easy.  The potential for good quality content is enormous, but it can reach its targeted audience only when the strategy of content distribution / broadcasting is planned well and done well.  Time has to be spent well on content creation, strategising and distribution to the right audience but we still need more to do to reach out the audience. Buying and selling content, posting relevant ads made it simpler but very less focus on the recent update of technology with which few focused on creating a method of storytelling through relevant digital ads. This core part has to be focused which helps to gain audience. 

"Distribution is Queen" it was said so because the when the quality content is created and strategised to distribute, it should suffice the effort which has been put into this task reaping out the benefits to the advertiser.  Simply creating good quality content and distributing it to the right audience isn't enough. Understand that content only has the ability to be shared if and only if it is good. There is a lot of great content which isn't seen by anyone due to lack of strategised distribution. One need to understand how content will travel across the web and share between the users. One of the examples is from your daily activity i.e.,What is the first thing you think to check when you woke up and grab your phone or iPad. Do you really want to think and check things just after you woke up? NOPE.  The good thing is you check the push notifications on the screen, the relevant one's which you selected from the interested streams earlier. If you like it you share it across your friends or leave it.  The content you share or like mostly tells about your interests and based on that analytics, brands will target you with relevant content to make you feel interested and stick to it. A good engaging story with relevant content gives best user experience. Web is as important as good relevant content. 

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