One Simple step to streamline information flow in Social Networking Sites

Social media sites don't teach us anything in particular, they are just IFEs (Information Flow Environments). These are like an addi...

Social media sites don't teach us anything in particular, they are just IFEs (Information Flow Environments). These are like an addiction which occupy mind with continuous flow of information.  This may contain both relevant and irrelevant information which diverts attention and you cannot easily neglect them. When you keep it organised it is easy to avoid irrelevant information away from the timeline or you can go to the particular list to see the news feed very relevant to your list name.

People spending time on social network always have easy access to information using their smart phone's or laptops. But does everyone streamline what information is flowing in ?. We hope they don't.  

There are few simple easy to create lists and tags which can stream line your information flow :


In Facebook, lists can help categorise your pages and interests. By using "Addlist". This is also available in Facebook Pages.

Showing Create List option from Srinath Vemuri Facebook account


In Twitter, it is most important to know and identify easily who you follow and keep them at finger tips. That can be achieved only through organising those profiles into lists created with relevant list names.  The below image shows @TechContentTech following and adding @Time to a list.

Content Tech following Time and adding to News & Magazines list


In LinkedIn, recruiters can make their lives simple by creating their list of prospects to follow up.  A great advice is already given by "in LinkedIn Pulse. To find out you may go to "Create a targeted prospect list on LinkedIn in 5 minutes or less" . 

To organise contacts there is no feature called as Lists in LinkedIn, but you can create Tags to organise your contacts as show in below image
Featuring Russell Ward in my Connections and Tagging him to Writers
Check the box next to an existing tag or click +Add new tag to create a new one. If you create a new one, type in the name of your tag and click Save. To remove a tag, uncheck the box next to it.

The tag will be visible to you on the person's contact information and on their profile. You can click the tag in these areas to see all other profiles with the same tag. Only you will see the tags you've created.

Note: You can create up to 200 new and unique tags or delete old ones.


In Feedly, It is very easy to organise content. Check these images from our Feedly account to organise your profile. 

Creating a Fashion category and adding relevant
content to that category
Add Content Option in Feedly

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