DigitalRupay - A Startup - Creating Cashless Campuses

DigitalRupay a startup idea generated in 2012 for a working parent who travels a lot and struggled to pay fees on time by vis...

DigitalRupay a startup idea generated in 2012 for a working parent who travels a lot and struggled to pay fees on time by visiting school or deposit in the bank accounts, where they had to wait at the designated counters for long time. With all this hassle they requested school management to enable online payment system as they already got a website. But schools were reluctant to do that as they have no clue on how to implement this feature. Requirements gathering was done from schools to develop an web application with all the essential features which help in providing online payment system and income management for schools. Finally they came out with DigitalRupay based on their customers and their own experiences. 

DigitalRupay‬ is a product providing complete solution of cashless payments and income management at schools. They help schools, parents and pupils with an online payment system. They are the leading experts in this category of rapidly growing sector. 

These days parents no longer expect to make school payments by cash or cheque. There are schools which have quarterly, half yearly and yearly fee structure which actually reduces burden on parents to come school on every month to pay fees. Despite all these changes schools and parents face challenges in paying out fees in the mode of cash or cheques. For many this is the only time they use their cheque book. Many schools are under pressure with increasing workloads and reducing budgets. 

DigitalRupay can help improve efficiency while achieving cost savings and demonstrating real benefits to the whole school community. Creating cashless schools has many benefits for schools, parents and pupils.

DigitalRupay team are experienced in facilitating online payment system at schools. They are capable of being a bridge between school administration and finance processes, along with advising on how best to launch cashless payments in schools and promote their parent payment system. They ensure schools to have the best to facilitate the students and parents which actually increases the schools fame for its best ICT facilities. DigitalRupay has their own customer support team which delivers a range of services to help and support cashless payments in schools.

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