Who will become Rich ? What's your pursuit to become Rich ?

Everyone wishes to lead a prosperous life, become rich and live happily.  The thought of becoming rich for at least a moment stimulates yo...

Everyone wishes to lead a prosperous life, become rich and live happily.  The thought of becoming rich for at least a moment stimulates your brain to work hard, find ways to earn and make your life happy. Does every one succeed in their pursuit to become rich, any idea on how many of us can succeed. People believe that hard work or smart work always earn good amount of money, which is more than sufficient.  Being rich isn't earning more than enough. 

There is a saying "Early bird catches the worm" which conveys to put your efforts to gain the opportunity.  Lets see what in realty makes a person rich. Also lets know what puts a persons soul on fire to be in pursuit of becoming rich. 

Across the world the people, are classified into 4 categorised :

1. Working class

2. Executive class

3. Business class

4. Investor class

"Efforts pay off accordingly"

Working class - They work very hard for at least 12 - 14 hrs, with only thought about their survival. Maximum returns on savings are expected at 7% - 8% p.a.

Executive class - They work very hard for at least 8 - 10 hrs. They are not much concerned about survival but are concerned about their future. The maximum returns on their savings are expected at 10%-15% p.a.

Business class - These work really hard for at least 12 - 14 hrs providing very less time to their family.  They are always concerned  how to grow big and end of the day only few people can afford to spend time with their family and their maximum returns are expected to grow at 20% - 30% p.a.

Investor class - These people work hard and smart for maximum of 8 - 9 hrs. They are not bothered of any situation and spend ample time with their loved ones. Their maximum returns will be at 
200% - 300% p.a.

What is that creating a difference in between their returns ? ? How do these people become rich ? ?

After carefully reading many articles and books on how certain people became reach at different ages and how soon they have become rich, we found few key points which we like to share with our followers.
One of them is gaining knowledge in the aspect they are deeply interested in and with an enthusiasm to utilise it to earn. To state that clearly, the 4th category people will have ample knowledge on what they are about to invest and how to invest their efforts and money. Their thought process will be quite contrast to the prior three category people. The working, executive, business classes people will always work really hard to make money, while the investor class people will make money to earn hard.  

For being at this stage, one needs to set high standards by thinking big and stay positive with never say die attitude. Always put efforts to give the best no matter what the circumstances be.

Sustaining as Rich -  Once you are rich, isn't always easy to stay rich. Rich becoming richer is sustaining in the place of being rich. This is tougher than becoming rich. There are many people who are examples of gaining huge amounts of money, popularity and almost lost everything within no time.  Look around, learn, stay on the right path and learn to take best decisions to stay rich.

Life isn't easy over the years - "The years teach us much which the days never knew"- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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