Learn how to create best data visualizations with most beginner friendly analytics and visualization tool

Content Tech writes about technology updates which would definitely help you at best.  We promote startups products and services,  share n...

Content Tech writes about technology updates which would definitely help you at best.  We promote startups products and services,  share news from every industry which utilises technology for their growth.  From past one year we came across many companies, who are seriously investing into Business & Data Analytics platforms. As customers requirements and their purchasing pattern has changed over the years, many business owners want to figure out customer's purchase or behaviour pattern.  They wanted to analyse a customer and predict his buying nature.  The customer analysis & prediction hasn't got restricted to consumption analysis,  many companies planned to predict the risk from a customer if he was offered any service.  To achieve this, they all depend on customers data, generated over the years. So with all the data, the process of data analysis and reporting services would start in businesses to take effective business decisions. 

Now the major trend is in data mining, processing, analysis and reporting roles which has created major difference in IT industry with respect to the earning capacity of an employee. These people are known as "Data Scientists". 

To take your career into Data Scientist roles, you have to start learning and working on basic tools like ETL, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Business Intelligence tools along with programming languages like Python, R & Hadoop which can help achieve the role of Data Scientist. 

Python is a friendly programming language and Data Science is a booming career option for those who are capable of getting into it. To start with, you need not get into a role of Data Scientist with Python & Hadoop Programming Languages, but start with ETL, Analysis, Reporting & Data Visualization tools. There are many user friendly tools but the best tool called Tableau for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics & Visualization. 

ExcelR offers the best user friendly 25 hours of online training on Business Intelligence & Analytical tool called "Tableau". This course is just priced at $50 and it is extremely exhaustive including all the necessary concepts like Statistics,  Forecasting,  Regression models, Clustering, Text Mining, Hadoop & R. The course offers training on latest Tableau version 9.3 with Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server applications. 

Learn the science & art behind creating powerful dashboards with reports to solve amazing and difficult problems in Data Science & Data Visualization. 

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