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This is one greatly available opportunity for the beginners, who are into undergraduate studies in computer science /information technolog...

This is one greatly available opportunity for the beginners, who are into undergraduate studies in computer science /information technology or for the people who are interested in learning how to code.  There are many website's and resources available over the internet for reference and learning, many of them end up in an unstructured format. Few of them had put their content in an optimised manner for people /students to learn, who are new to this technological world for programming.

Some of them provide advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Visualization through Tableau or Qlik View , Chatbot Development , Neural Networks and other through their online learning websites. 

Here are few website's shortlisted for you which provide free online courses :

Khan Academy

You can learn anything for free at Khan Academy which has over 10,000 videos with explanation from various categories of courses. Provides a personalised learning experience with features such as progress tracking and practice exercises, along with training material/ documentation. A fully funded non-profit organization recognised  by Google, Disney & Pixar Animation Studios and many others.

A company founded by professors of Stanford. You can find courses for basic programming to advanced. Coursera is known for its good quality of online courses and it is available across all smart devices. This company also partners with top universities and companies available world wide to offer courses online for anyone to take for free.


Udemy is a global market place for learning and teaching online with more than 55,000+ online courses. Students can learn at their own pace in their own time across various devices. Start learning new skill today.

A pioneer in online education, which is the most trusted measurement of quality for the courses they provide online. Explore through the various courses available in Udacity and select the one you required.

Edx provides free online courses from the world's best universities and institutions. Edx has both paid and free courses across various disciplines. The Massachusetts University of Technology and Harvard University has created Edx. Edx for some courses offers certificates for course completion and for some it provides credits.

Codecademy is an online interactive  platform offering free online courses. It offers free coding classes for almost 12 different programming languages, which includes Python, Java, Ruby, Javascript, SQL, Sass, PHP along with markup languages such as HTML and CSS.

Here are few more sites which provide free and paid online courses.

An interactive learning web platform, an online community platform helping people learn web development.

This tutorial is for beginners, helps you learn the basics and build a simple website and have a solid understanding of HTML 5.

This brings classroom teaching sessions to iPad. You can join and watch any course you wished to learn. Top Universities and Institutions distribute their courses and collections of education content along with the course sessions online.

Open Culture has got more than 1250 online course videos related to computer science which are even available for download. It provides one of the best free educational media on the web.

This provides free online courses from Top Universities and special organizations across the world.


It is an e-Learning providing academy to enable people learn basic education and workplace skills.


Code - Any body can learn and code. Code.org tries to reach students of all backgrounds to teach and test their skills. It also inspires them to keep learning. Code provides computer science courses from basic to advanced over online based on a range of age, a student fits in.


Open learn provides education to millions of learners around the world. It makes new knowledge available for free to millions of students, also allows them to download. It aims to improve the educational opportunities around the world.

Here are some of the Top Universities providing their courses online :

Along with these Universities there are many other like Purdue University, The University of Warwick, University of Bristol, Universitat of Pompeu Fabra - Barcelona,  Queens University Belfast, National Chiao Tung University and many other well known universities are taking part in providing free education through online courses to millions of students.

There are few more worthy sites which needs payment for access and where people can upload their teaching content to make them available for others as Online Courses :


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