Apple Developer Center is back online along with iOS 7 beta downloads

Apple developer portal website is slowly getting online after a weeks halt due to a hack on site. The hack forced Apple  to take the iOS and...

Apple developer portal website is slowly getting online after a weeks halt due to a hack on site. The hack forced Apple to take the iOS and Mac Developer Center offline last week, after an un-authorized user compromised emails and other developer information. This downtime came as Apple is in the middle of preparing for the iOS 7 release this fall with multiple betas. The damage would  have been done which pushed the iOS 7 beta 4 release back. The official iOS 7 release date is expected this fall, likely September at an Apple event - one that will probably aligned with a new iPhone and iPad release. Apple has yet to announce a new iPhone but it's coming and if iOS 7 can tell is anything is that it will a major hit. iOS 7 is already available for developers though and is constantly being tweaked - iOS 7 beta 3 for developers was released and iOS 7 beta 4 is due out shortly. Now the Apple Developer Center is back online, including iOS 7 beta downloads, paving the way for a swift iOS 7 beta 4 release, possibly as soon as next week.

News from various sources on Apple's iOS 7 release:

Macworld: "iOS 7’s new design is a stunning change to the iOS infrastructure, with layered looks and minimalistic icons. But for those of you thinking, 'Gee, I might pay $99 for that developer’s kit just to get a glimpse of that new OS interface,' we’d suggest holding off. Sure, it’s nice catching glimpses of iOS 7 in the Apple keynote, in briefings, and around WWDC parties. But a first beta is still just that: a first beta. We’ve enjoyed what we’ve seen of iOS 7, for sure. But we’ll enjoy it even more in the fall, when all the finishing touches have been made and the operating system is ready for primetime."

CNET: "As we said before, iOS 7 brings huge changes in the visual department, which is an important part of the way you relate with your tablet or phone. Yet the really substantial, game-changing new features are few and far between. That said, Apple has a history of keeping its most pulse-quickening news for its next iPhone and iPad announcements. For that, we will have to wait until this fall."

The Verge: "Apple is showing that it can adapt, borrow, and tweak ideas from the competition, that it can expand what iOS feels and looks like as well as what it can do. The problem now is that it seems to be buckling a bit under the weight of an end-to-end redesign. I'm hopeful that in the next few months, as Apple ramps up for the introduction of new hardware at its fall event, some of the design and functionality issues that have yet to be addressed will be nipped and tucked."

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