iOS 7 Beta 3 update without UDID for iPhone 4 / 4S, works well

Truly, iOS 7 beta 3 has some bug which makes it easy for an Apple iOS 7 enthusiast / iPhone / iPad / iPod user to update their device to i...

Truly, iOS 7 beta 3 has some bug which makes it easy for an Apple iOS 7 enthusiast / iPhone / iPad / iPod user to update their device to iOS 7. As we all know officially one has to pay Apple for UDID registration to update their devices with every beta release of the iOS / OS X. But I got to know it is even working in otherway without UDID. My interest towards the iOS 7 update made me browse a lot for accurate information and finally today I implemented the procedure by risking. If you go through the procedure perfectly and identify the right firmware for your device, you can succeed in installing iOS 7 beta 3.

Note: Got to know that this iOS 7 beta 3 activation is only available until 12:00 pm August 29th 2013. First you need to update with "iOS 7 beta 3" and later on you will have the auto update to "iOS 7 beta 4".

I can give you information only regarding iPhone 4 GSM and iPad 3 Wifi + GSM. Hope your devices are with iOS 6.1.3, where they can be updated with following .ipsw files using latest iTunes through your Windows or Mac devices.

iPhone 4 GSM : iPhone3.1_7.0_11A4414e_Restore.ipsw

iPhone 4S GSM : iPhone4.1_7.0_11A4414e_Restore.ipsw

Download the required firmware for your device ( search in Google you can find many sites with download links).

Backup your devices and also have the backup firmware which is of  iOS 6.1.3.ipsw file, In case if your update fails you can restore your device to earlier state.

Connect your device and once your device is identified in iTunes Click keys  Alt+Shift  + Check for Update button in Windows / Mac. Now browse the required .ipsw file and click Open.

You are almost done with installation and after installation procedure spend time in activation of your iCloud and related features on your device.

Your data would be fine but I observed that some applications aren't working fine. This issue will be solved once you get the official update of iOS 7 and related Apps. The benefit of installing your device with iOS 7 beta 3 gives you an auto update of your device with recently released iOS 7 beta 4 update. Later on your device will have the official auto update of iOS 7.

Good luck with your installation. If you hesitate this procedure I recommend you to wait till the official release of iOS 7. I'm nor my blog is responsible if you brick your phone because Im sharing the information which I found over internet by browsing. 

Here are few pics of my iPhone 4 updated to iOS 7 Beta 4.

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