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Meta a desktop search application developed to resolve a routine problem and that is to find a file from a desktop which wo...

Meta a desktop search application developed to resolve a routine problem and that is to find a file from a desktop which would be similar to the one shown in the below image.

This seems like every one would face difficultly in search of a file on a Macbook / Windows PC desktop. The native search apps are limited to the device search and Meta has proven its utility by providing extended search features & capabilities over native search app.

These days for easy & quick access, we store files in cloud spaces which can be accessed from any device connected with internet. But to find a file you definitely need to login them and search for the item you need.

Avoiding all these, Meta has developed its application which can integrate with device search, along with multiple cloud spaces like Drop box, Google Drive, Evernote, Slack, Gmail, Trello and more. As of now Meta just closed it's beta and ready for release in providing  Meta early access.  We expect One Drive to be in the list of integrations and still need to know how many other application integrations can be done with the Meta.

Security and Privacy aspects

Based on our recent interaction with the founder Mr. Jason Briggs, the inhibitions on using the application and the security it provides on safe guarding our data, are at impressive standards. Considering the data theft and privacy policies, meta provides at most importance in providing security to the users data by industries best standard AES-256 encryption.  Moreover Meta has given detailed explanation on the process of providing security and what does it store in their servers related to your online content. 

The best part of their detailed explanation was on security of the files it accesses "File Metadata" .  Once your account is integrated with Meta through OAuth protocol, meta processes your files content and tags them with the relevant keywords along with other searchable information from the documents. Then these tags and relevant information are stored in the database using indices (indexing) which can help in fetching and retrieving your file at lightning speed and the other best part is file opens up in the relevant application where it was saved. For more information on the process we recommend you to go through the details.   

Startup Details

  • Founded May 2014 in Williamstown, MA
  • Based in Boston, MA
  • Raised $500k in February 2015
  • 200 beta users, and 1,000 on the waiting list
  • 7 team members

        Jason Briggs, CEO    |    Emily Pavlini, COO   |   Aaron Taylor, CTO


Meta Demo from Meta on Vimeo.

Technical Presentation  by Aaron Taylor for Code enthusiasts

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