Remembering small joys of life

What makes you keep going in life at times of tough and rough situations ?  What motivates you to never give up and see what's beyond ...

What makes you keep going in life at times of tough and rough situations ?  What motivates you to never give up and see what's beyond the toughness ?

Life is worth living by crossing all kinds of situations and with the hope to see beautiful days ahead. This post is not about the problems I came across, instead it is about "small joys of life" which put me in a situation to write this article ( writing this post by remembering small joys of life I came across).

To start with : I was studying in University and working at a store to support my living expenses. It was a tough night at work (December 2011, Leamington Spa, UK). I almost worked for 9 hours and yet 7 hours left to complete my shift which I agreed to work in the deep winter, Christmas days.  Somehow a bottle of caffeine drink, friends at work and music in my ears kept me active all the 16 hours and successfully completed the shift. Got jacket on and came out of the store at 7:00 A.M. and it was Sunday.  Sunday was a special day where the normal transportation facilities use to start with a little delay timings ( actually it was a horrible delay timing considering my exhausted situation after work ). I had to walk for 2 miles in the snow to reach the bus stop with heavy safety boots, it almost took me 35+ minutes to reach the bus stop.  Completely exhausted,  it was the same situation with my mates. We could hardly talk to each after the long walk we took and work we did. Few sat down on the ramp and me in the bus stop. I couldn't sit nor hear to the music, so I started moving around watching the early morning cloudy sky and was hearing to chirping sounds made by birds.  Was breathing heavily and had fresh air to breath. There was a church opposite to the bus stop, I wasn't able to keep up myself, started praying god as when would I get a decent job in my domain. Time almost spent in thoughts of securing other job. Finally it's 10:00 A.M. and we got the first bus to travel to Coventry, a 50-55 minute journey.   

Sighed and got in the bus, it was empty, I could secure a best seat. Bus started. (Below street view  map shows the bus stop where I use to get the bus to Coventry and the church opposite to it.)

Soon I fell asleep because of the warm temperature in the bus and as being exhausted. Was half asleep and couple of times I could open my eyes and have a glimpse of whats happening around me. At one glimpse I could see a Britain's young lady sitting opposite to me with a very attractive / captivating smile and charming face, wishing me "Good Morning Mister". One view at her made me smile. I was in a feeling similar to a baby who just smiles whenever he/she sees her mother, smiled at her and wished her "Good Morning". I fell asleep again, but opened my eyes when the bus stopped at a stop and the lady was about to get down. Before she got down the bus, she said "Good days are ahead, keep going",  on completing the sentence she moved out of the seat and left the bus.  

Soon I was at my stop and got down the bus,... started walking to my room. I was lost in a thought that why would some one wish others. To this young lady I'm a stranger and why does she have to wish me and why does she need to say something which is motivating.  I felt like those words really helped me at that point of life to stay focused and keep pushing myself forward, which helped me in making my life better. I still remember her captivating smile, her face and the words she spoke to me. That became a memorable moment and a part of small joys of my life, later completion of my Masters added to it.

One other extremely joyful moment which I remember was, when a girl called me by first 3 letters of my first name rather than calling by first name completely. During my bachelors degree I haven't got much interaction with girls. Surprisingly I came across a situation after my degree where I had got too many acquaintances with girls and unfortunately one became my close friend. She was the one who called me with a nick name and I had no nick name earlier. She called me by first 3 letters of my first name rather than calling by first name completely. I was surprised & liked it very much.  

As times moves on many people come and go in life, leaving memorable moments with you as small joys of life.

There is always a surprise, there will always be someone to motivate you but you should never give up on yourself. 

I shared few of my small joys, why don't you write & share it so that others can read, enjoy and may be get motivated.

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