Kindle vs iPad - Confused what to buy ? Read this before you buy

As you are planning to buy a Kindle or iPad, we presume you must be planning to use the device mostly for reading. Before you plan t...

As you are planning to buy a Kindle or iPad, we presume you must be planning to use the device mostly for reading.

Before you plan to buy any of these device's (Amazon Kindle / Apple iPad) just go through the details we brought for you, which can help in taking a better decision. 

Below are the models available from both the brands :

Amazon Kindle

Kindle |  Kindle Paperwhite |  Kindle Fire  |  Kindle Voyage |  Kindle Oasis - New
Kindle Fire HD

Apple iPad

iPad Pro  |  iPad Air 2  |  iPad mini 4  |  iPad mini 2
iPad Pro comes in 12.9-inch &  9.7-inch models

As you are planning to use the device for reading,  lets get into the generalised details on each of the products :

All Kindle versions come with slightly different features, but the basic features include displaying text in black and white colours with respect to day or night modes of reading.  Kindle allows you to download ebooks, Magazines, News papers from Kindle App Store and you can copy your documents such as word or pdf documents to the Kindle File System and access it. Apart from this you can connect to wifi, wifi+3G & have any of the device which comes with capacities from 8 GB to 128 GB. VGA Front & 5mp Rear facing Camera's - supporting 720p & 1080p HD video recording, Dolby Speakers & Microphone, Upto 8 hrs battery life, Touch screen + page press / page turn on buttons. Kindle's come in 6-inch to 10.1-inch sizes.

Kindle Fire editions even support gaming applications, but not as many as others have.  After all, Kindle's lag the features which most of the users expect to have on a tablet. One cannot have photo management apps. Also Kindle's touch responsiveness will not satisfy you. You will end up spending amounts starting from Rs.5999/- to Rs.16499/- based on the requirements you like to have on a Kindle.

Below are some of the Kindle versions from Amazon. Clicking the link takes you to site.

For each of these products you can find both WiFi & WiFi + 3G Models.

Now coming to Apple iPad's - these are the devices which set a standard of how a tablet should be and what all features it needs to have in to provide best user experience, whether it might be for reading, gaming, photography, music composition, social networking or something else. The touch screen is impressive, non of the tablets in the market have the same touch capabilities, very smooth. Apple's iPad hardware is incomparable, it's cameras, the processor and storage capabilities are lot better than Kindle. Storage capacities start from 16GB to 128GB. Video recoding feature is awesome and some of the iPad's come with retina display, which help you in watching videos or reading documents at high clarities. Apple App Store is the largest store having applications more than Google Play Store, Kindle App Store  and Windows Market Place.  You integrate applications on

Even Kindle application is available in Apple App Store for free download. This allows you download ebooks, magazines, news papers and your own documents from Amazon Kindle Account. But these can be done outside Kindle app,  where iPad allows you to store your files and read them at ease, listen music, do video calling through Face Time, Skype, Google Hangouts.  Apple iPads start from Rs.17990/- to Rs.73900/-, the price depends on the version, features and model of the iPad.

Comparatively you will be spending the same amount of money  or a bit more on any of the devices, but if you chose to go for Kindle you will be missing some key utilities, which might make you regret. Even the lowest rate iPad helps you do the activity which Kindle does.

Below are the few iPad versions which we kept for display. On clicking them you will be taken to that relevant page in

Finally it is your decision to spend money at your own interest. This post is to give you a bit of information on Kindle & iPad in one place and help you take better decision. Good luck.

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