iPhone 6s to iPhone 8 - Do you really need To Buy or Not to Buy ?

It is a wonderful thing to see that Apple released a new version of iPhone's along with new iOS.  Apple is thriving. Many people along...

It is a wonderful thing to see that Apple released a new version of iPhone's along with new iOS.  Apple is thriving. Many people along with us are really excited to use new iPhone and see how better they are from the previous ones. As part of this interest of people, Tech Insider released a video on it saying "I won't trade in my iPhone 6s for an iPhone 8 or iPhone X — here's why". 

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We were analyzing whether to upgrade to a new iPhone or continue with the existing iPhone or the latest Android phone. As Tech Insider released a video, we would like to add some more information to it.  Anyway, this matters to people who are using iPhone 6S  and later versions. If you analyze your needs with the features of iPhones 6S and iPhone 8, you will be able to find out how better is iPhone 8 than your existing iPhone. Then compare the price with the difference in features, you might be amazed at the outcome. 

People with iPhone 5 or 5S versions in hand are obviously welcomed to get an iPhone 8 as this upgrade gives them boost in having a larger iPhone screen, better features, better performance and a better camera at some good price. 

Source: Tech Insider - Watch Video on Facebook Page

Countries like the US, UK provide us the latest phones on contract for affordable rates per month along with talk time and internet along with upgrade feature as, get a new phone every two years and keep the old ones with you. With this kind of feature getting an iPhone 8 is better than buying an iPhone 8 out of contact is not recommendable. And if you compare to the countries like India, people have good buying capacity even without the contracts kind of feature. (No Gadget Insurance Cover as well)

Yet it depends on person to person, on how badly they wanted to get a new iPhone, is it for development, is it for review,  is it that they just wanted to have the latest phone, or is it necessary to have a phone or an iPhone latest only, based on personal circumstances. Here come's few things one needs to consider before they take a step and buy an iPhone 8. Affordability, Luxuriousness, and Smartness are three top things which make us manage our budgets well enough and also sometimes they allow us to identify a true value of an object according to the personal circumstances. 

Vary the features of iPhone 6s to iPhone 8 and decide whether to buy or not to buy an iPhone 8 if at all you are using iPhone 6s or later.

Personally, we use an iPhone 5S, iPhone 6,  Moto X 2nd Gen and also use a DSLR Nikon D3100 and MacBook Pro Mid 2012 model. These things are smart enough to keep us going forward and do the best what we could. Greatly we received the new iOS 11 and Mac OS High Sierra, no complaints.. everything's working fine except iMessage on MacBook Pro is little odd and it doesn't allow us to delete multiple messages at a time. Ended up deleting one of after the other. We wish if Apple could attend this issue.

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